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Top Tips for Pulling Off an Unforgettable Baby Shower

Tuesday, 15 January 2019
Top Tips for Pulling Off an Unforgettable Baby Shower
Top Tips for Pulling Off an Unforgettable Baby Shower

There’s no better way to celebrate new life and the beauty of parenthood than with a baby shower – so take a look at our top tips or pulling off an unforgettable baby shower. 

The Food

Food, it is an integral part of life and part of any successful event, gathering or occasion. It has the power to bring people together, so go beyond crisps and cocktail sausages, avoid the crisp dippers who think it’s okay to double dip (it never is) and treat your guest to a dining experience like no other, with delicious food at an incredible venue…

The Venue

Take the stress out of planning your baby shower, and avoid the traditional house gathering by choosing a venue in a convenient location, with a unique space and with a team of party planning professionals on hand to make your day run like clockwork - so that you can simply just turn up and enjoy the celebrations with your family and friends!

The Theme

A get together with family and friends is the perfect way to welcome your little one into this world, and choosing a theme for your sweet soiree is half the fun! 

Take a look at our favourite baby shower themes below;

1. Bohemian - This trend not only works for fashion and home decor, but is perfect for a baby shower too! Think earthy greens, dreamy whites and soft neutrals, this theme is guaranteed to leave you feeling whimsical, artistic and free spirited.

2. Monochrome - Keep it simple with a modern and timeless theme.

3. Where The Wild Things Are - You can’t go wrong with a theme inspired by a British classic! This theme is all about adventure and is perfect for those who love to get creative.

4. Safari Animal - Whether you’re looking to create an entire tropical rainforest or just add a hint of the wild, a rustic safari animal themed baby shower can cater for both. Think rustic decor, draped greenery or vibrant florals. This theme can be neutral, versatile and simple to create. 

So, whether you’re planning on going full jungle book or keeping it simple, we’re sure that your baby shower will be filled with fun and enjoyment.  

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