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Car Parking Statement

Thursday, 19 October 2017
Car Parking Statement

We have tirelessly worked to create a boutique hotel in the  wonderful setting of Bruntwood Park, bringing back to life the near derelict Bruntwood Hall as a public building that can be enjoyed by all. As we restored the building and prior to our opening in April, we carefully assessed park use and car parking constraints. We continue to work closely alongside Stockport Council to prevent hotel parking requirements affecting park users adversely. These are the circumstances that led us to make a retrospective planning permission application.

The car park is small in nature and is positioned in an area of land which is in a lower level than its immediate surroundings to maintain the visual character of the park and Bruntwood Hall. This is an important consideration to us as we have a long-term commitment to sustaining and improving the overall environment of both Bruntwood Hall and the park.

As with many parks, there is not always the budget to maintain and improve as much as would be desired.  From opening the hotel in April this year, we have included an optional ‘park fee’ of £3.50 which is made at the discretion of our overnight guests.  This money will go directly to the park for ongoing improvements through Stockport Council. Over time, we expect the sum of this contribution to have a significant long term positive effect on the park which will be directly in proportion to how successful the hotel becomes. We have only the best intentions for the community that enjoy Bruntwood Hall and the parkland in which it stands.